The excellence of the apulian tradition revisited by our chef

Our menu changes according to the seasons and the availability of products.
Each dish is inspired by the typical specialties and the typical rural gastronomic culture of this place.


Masseria selection starter (min 2 pax) * *** **
Grilled caciocavallo steak ***
Eggplant/Aubergine flan with capers, olives and crispy bacon ***
Selection of local cheeses accompanied by: ***
Carrot and red onion jam from Polignano a Mare
(caciocavallo "capasone", caciocavallo with marc, 100% goat cheese canestrato, Foggia canestrato)
Selection of Apulian deli cuts and cheeses ***
Angus tartare *
(smoked beech wood salt, egg yolk, capers, red onion from Acquaviva, sweet paprika) *
Fresh fried egg with breech caciocavallo and black truffle * ***

First course

First course
Tagliolini pasta with black truffle * **
Caskets of burratina cheese and capocollo with stracciatella cheese and crispy bacon ***
Beetroot gnocchi with charcoal mushrooms and smoked scamorza cheese ***
Strascinate with Masseria ragu ', crunchy aubergine, ricotta cheese foam ***
Burnt wheat orecchiette pasta with mortadella, provolone cheese fondue and grains of pistachio ***
Spaghetti Ancella with olives, capers, anchovies and cacioricotta cheese ***
Orecchiette pasta with turnip tops and anchovy sauce

Second Course

Second Course
Priest's hat at the Primitivo di Manduria with
Mashed potatoes with Masseria's EVO oil
Mixed grilled meat from the Itria Valley ***
Sliced ​​beef steak with rocket and parmesan
Fillet of beef with rosemary oil
Sliced ​​Donkey with Murgia caciocavallo *
Horsemeat Rolled in sauce with toasted bread
Wild boar stew with polenta
Fillet steak with black truffle
Fiorentina di fassona
Fiorentina di Angus

Side dish

Side dish
Grilled vegetable skewer
Fresh potato chips
Garden salad
Ash baked potatoes


Ricotta delight with caramelized celery
Panna cotta with dried figs and almonds
Rum baba
Seasonal fruit
Chocolate cake
Deconstructed Profiteroles
Cover charge

Allergy alerts:

Allergy alerts:
* Eggs
** Gluten
*** Lactose