The excellence of the apulian tradition revisited by our chef

Our menu changes according to the seasons and the availability of products.
Each dish is inspired by the typical specialties and the typical rural gastronomic culture of this place.


Appetizer of the Masseria * *** (minimum order 2 people)
Selection of local cheeses ***
Selection of cured meats and Apulian cheeses ***
Fried egg with caciocavallo cheese and black truffle * ***
Grilled Caciocavallo cheese ***
Eggplant flan with capers, olives and crispy bacon* ***
Veal Tartare

First course

First course
“Strascinate” with our homemade ragù, crispy aubergine and ricotta mousse** ***
“Orecchiette” with turnip, anchovies oil and breandcrumbs
“Tagliolino” pasta with black truffle** ***
“Laganaro” pasta with burrata cheese from Andria and cherry tomato* ** ***
“Tondotti” filled pasta with cod, mashed potatoes and onion * ** ***

Second Course

Second Course
Beef Fillet
Mixed Grill meat of Valle d’Itria ***
Beef steak with rocket and Parmesan cheese
Fillet steak with black truffle*
Donkey steak with caciocavallo cheese***
Braised veal with red wine and mashed potatoes
T- bone steak
Tomahawk meat

Side dish

Side dish
Grilled vegetable
Fresh fried chip**
Baked potatoes cooked in ashes
Mixed Salad


Ricotta delight with caramelized celery
Rum baba
Chocolate cake with warm heart

Allergy alerts:

Allergy alerts:
* Eggs
** Gluten
*** Lactose