The excellence of the apulian tradition revisited by our chef

Our menu changes according to the seasons and the availability of products.
Each dish is inspired by the typical specialties and the typical rural gastronomic culture of this place.


Appetiser of the Masseria (min 2 pers.): sample dishes of the local cusine
Vegetable garden tempura with aioli sauce
Selection of cured meats and Apulian cheeses
Selection of local cheeses accompanied by Polignano carrot and red onion chutney (Caciocavallo "Capasone", caciocavallo with marc, Canestrato 100% goat cheese, Canestrato foggiano)
Fresh fried egg with caciocavallo podolico cheese and black truffle
Angus tartare

First course

First course
"Tagliolini" with black truffle
"Strascinate" with our homemade ragù, crispy aubergine and ricotta mousse
“Orecchiette” with turnip greens and crunchiy chopped
“Spaghettone” with anchovy, “cacioricotta” cheese, pepper and mints of lemon
Primitivo of Manduria “Tagliatella”with sausage, vegetables, chickpea and olive oil with rosemery
Orecchiette” of burnt wheat with Andria burratina cheese, “regina” tomatoes, oil and basil

Second Course

Second Course
Beef tenderloin with rosemary oil
Mixed Grill meat of Valle d’Itria
Sliced steak with rocket and Parmesan cheese
Sliced fillet steak with white truffle
Sliced donkey meat with “Murgia” caciocavallo cheese
Braised veal with Negroamaro wine, juniper, mashed potatoes with EVO oil
Salt cod with potatoes, black olive dust and red onion jam

Side dish

Side dish
Grilled vegetable skewer
Fresh fried chips
Salad from the Garden
Baked potatoes cooked in ashes


Ricotta delis with caramelized celery
Rhum babà
Panna cotta with dried figs and almond
Tart with milk cream, nuts and laurel
Decomposed profiteroles with hot bitter chocolate
Shall chocolate cake with hot neart
“Cannolo” of aubergine with ricotta cheese of sheep and candied fruits