Inspired by the pugliese gastronomic times and tradition: discover our kitchen, the kingdom of our chef

The privilege is to know the history of each product: in the kitchen of the Capatosta Restaurant, a long and patient process is refined every day, choices made with respect for the seasonality of the ingredients. According to the harvest in our vegetable garden, our chef invents dishes and specialties inspired by the local gastronomic tradition, skillfully combining flavours and aromas.

Attention to detail in the choice of raw materials

We have chosen to enhance our territory by continuing the tradition of seasonal cultivation from the Masseria’s vegetable garden. We take our time and wait patiently, to ensure all those details that indicate quality and genuineness are present within the products we use.

Passion, tradition and taste for gourmet dishes

Ours is an innovative cuisine that is completely inspired by the typical dishes of peasant tradition. Here, between vegetables and local cured meats, genuineness rhymes with excellence. The creations of our chef are the result of skillful combinations of raw ingredients of the highest quality.